SEATTLE -- When music superstar Justin Bieber kicks off his Purpose World Tour in Seattle Wednesday night, he will be  joined by some talented local kids.

They call themselves The Bratz -- six kids ages 10-to-13 who train at the highly selective Kreativ Mndz dance studio in Mulkiteo.

They won their opportunity to perform with Bieber during the song "Children" by mastering the steps Bieber's choreographer and creative director Nick DeMoura showed when he announced the dance contest last Friday.

Despite the short notice, there were a lot of entries from the Seattle area. There could only be one winner and on Tuesday afternoon, Justin Bieber announced on his Twitter account that The Bratz had danced their way onto his stage.

"We're super excited !" says Dede Parker. " When we found out we were all like screaming and crying!"

  Are they going to be nervous tonight or just excited, we asked.

"We're just going to be excited that we got this opportunity", says dancer Kendall Edwards."'Nervous' is in us but we will try to let it go and just be excited about this."

Both girls say they will sneak some glances at Bieber when they dance together.

They will also get to meet the singer.

Bieber plans to hold a similar contest in every city he performs during the world tour which ends in London November 29.

UPDATE!  We want you to know it really happened. Here is Wednesday night's performance of "Children" at Key Arena.