"She doesn't want it to look too perfect,” said Reesa ‘Iris’ Hauschild, a Premier Designer and master trainer with Gene Juarez Salons, as she was working on a model.

“We don't need her to look like she's going to an 80s prom!” Hauschild laughed.

Gene Juarez designers are constantly studying and training on the latest styles. Here are the top trends for this year’s updos:

First, imperfection is perfect. And Hauschild says it’s actually more work to make an updo look messy and undone than it is to make it look perfect.

Trend two - for some updos, the hair stays down, like this style done by Designer Bella McCoy at the Bellevue Gene Juarez Salon. “A lot of times people like to do off to one side with the braid,” adds Hauschild.

Trend three - low is the way to go. Even when all the hair is up, it still gets pinned low, at the nape of the neck.

The finished updo Hauschild did when we were there was pinned low, and had the one characteristic all updos have this season:

"I think the biggest trend is kind of undone, and more natural, and a little bit more organic."


For color trends this year -- think precious metal.

First, on the warm side, Evening’s Keiko Sagami is getting one of this year’s most popular colors: rose gold.

“I really think it's a good option for any age if you want to try a bit of a trendy color for some pop,” said Brianna ‘Willow’ Lakin, a Master Colorist and trainer with Gene Juarez.

Trend two is a cooler take on metallic. Lakin’s silver hair is also on point: “I do like a silver, smoky gray color.” She laughed.

Trend three: Pops of teal color, or going from dark to blonde, aka pulling a Kardashian.

"Mostly because of the way celebrities are wearing their hair these days, there's a lot more experimenting with the teals, like Kylie Jenner, blondes, like Khloe Kardashian,” Lakin said. “All of the Kardashians are setting the trends for hair color.”

Whether it's a loose updo, or a major color change, the main bit of advice from both Gene Juarez designers is this: relax and enjoy the process.

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