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The HOTTEST new Skittles flavor... Sweet Heat - That's a Thing!?

Hottest, get it? #punny

Things are about to get heated... or maybe just weird. The newest Skittles flavor is called Sweet Heat and former Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch helped launch the candy.

There are five 🔥 flavors in Sweet Heat: Sizzlin' Strawberry, Fiery Watermelon, Flamin' orange, Lemon Spark, and Blazin' Mango.


Beastmode went to a senior living community to test out the flavors because those folks are painfully honest...

"A lady out there said they're REALLY spicy," one woman told Marshawn. "So I'm doing one at a time." He replied, "Well, I like your precautions, baby."

We tested them ourselves and genuinely enjoyed them. They're not hot like a cinnamon-spiced Red Hot, it's more like a mild mango habanero kind of heat. But don't pile too many in your mouth too fast (unless you prefer to live life on the wild side) because the heat is delayed, so it'll hit ya when you least expect it!

So, unless you absolutely CAN'T handle the slightest bit of spice (*cough* whimp *cough), we think you'll enjoy them!


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