The rock band, Heart, got their journey started in a Bellevue basement and grew to rule Rock 'n' Roll radio.

"Hah! You know. When you step on the stage and ten thousand people go 'YAY' when you haven't played yet - it's a great thing," shared Roger Fisher, their guitarist.

Fans were very enthusiastic when the sisters rocked out their hits: Crazy on You, Barracuda, and Magic Man.

"It did draw attention to us. It was almost like being a novelty," said Ann Wilson. "There were no women slinging guitars in those days," added Nancy Wilson.

In the middle of the crowd, riding the soundboard, Band Manager Mike Fisher was watching a dream come true. 

"I just had this vision for what those people could become and I was totally fired up and passionate about it," explained Fisher.

Mike hasn't done an interview in 30 years, but now he is ready to take some credit building Heart and making sure Ann's little sister was part of it.

"She came up to visit and they started playing guitars on the couch and MY GOD!" said Mike, "It was like Nancy's got to be in the band too!"

It didn't hurt that Nancy and Roger seemed to be hitting it off.

Mike and Ann were already together. She wrote "Magic Man" about him.

"It's kind of overwhelming to hear any old Heart song for me so I don't really go out of my way to listen to old Heart music because it's so filled with emotion for me I guess," shared Mike.

There were great times, but there was also the kind of temptation that could blow up the band's fragile "Brothers Dating Sisters" chemistry. 

"There's more drama in this kind of crazy sexual politics of the band Heart than any band in rock history," said author Charles Cross, "Because The Beatles weren't sleeping with each other. They never went on stage after they had a fight or there was a betrayal."

Eventually, it became too much. When the Wilson sisters broke up with the Fisher Brothers, Heart's classic era ended. 

"Those are really wonderful memories that I cherish," Roger laughed, "And so there's that."

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