LOS ANGELES, CA — Picking up where the last film left off, Incredibles 2 finds the superhero family the Parr's living in a world that still outlawes their powers.

Wanting to help see supers fly again is a wealthy brother-sister duo. But their advice for a PR makeover doesn't take off with Mr. Incredible who finds himself at home while his wife Elastigirl is off saving the world.

But the entire family gets called into action when a mysterious villain known as Screen Slaver, tries to pull the plug on superheroes for good.

When the Incredibles came out in 2004, superhero movies were few and far between. Stars Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter credit director Brad Bird for making the sequel stand out from the pack.

Nelson said, "It's right at a time when you've got all of these action film heroes out there, what are you gonna talk about here? What's gonna be the hook? So here you go. That's why this guy so extraordinary, Brad Bird, he came up with it." Hunter adds, "The action in this movie feels kind of magnificently large. I mean it's like the landscape of this movie is more kind of iconic. There's a darkness about the conflict in this movie, it feels like it's a little more, there's more jeopardy in this film than there was in the first film."

What's also ramped up from the first film is highlighting the heroic battles parents do at home every day. It was a message not lost on co-stars Catherine Keener and Bob Odenkirk.

Odenkirk said, "The people I was with watching the movie – my family, were relating to these characters and their relationships. And I was telling Catherine sitting next to my daughter and when Mr. Incredibles is knocking on Violet's door to comfort her and she says leave me alone, I mean that's my life."

So while superhero movies are a dime a dozen now, Incredibles 2 sets itself apart by showing nothing is stronger than family.

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