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'The Blacklist' returns with an explosive final season on NBC

The long-time drama is now in its 10th year. #k5evening

SEATTLE — The deception and double-dealing on NBC’s “The Blacklist” is coming to an end. The long-time drama’s 10th and final season is now underway.

Harry Lennix has been there since day one playing FBI agent Harold Cooper. Joining him this season is newcomer Anya Banerjee — although her character has deep roots to the show. Jim Dever interviewed Cooper and Banerjee about the show’s final chapter.

BANERJEE: "I'm tremendously honored to be part of the final chapter and to serve as a little bit of a throwback to bring the story full circle as the daughter of Mira Malik from season one."

DEVER: "This is your chance to ask Harry who is a veteran, both in the show and in the industry, if there's anything that you should know, up front, that maybe it took him years to learn? Do you have any questions for him?"

BANERJEE: "Yeah, Harry, anything you want to give me a heads up about? I'm all ears."

LENNIX: "Yeah, well keep your seatbelt on just never a dull moment, as you now know. You know, but it's been great to welcome you into this cast and to this family. What a wonderful way to conclude the show is with, you know, with a new energy."

DEVER: "It must be something to step into a show that has had such a long, rich history. And know that although you've just begun, you're also part of the conclusion of this whole story. What does that do to your brain as an actor?"

BANERJEE: "I mean, I come from theater. So I'm, I'm used to having just a little taste of something and then saying goodbye, you know, Harry was saying earlier, it's about a long kind of endless stream of goodbyes, in a sense."

DEVER: "Thank you both so much. Have a great home stretch on a show that has not disappointed us so far. So there's some there's some weight on your shoulders Anya and Harry, we know you can handle the load."

BANERJEE AND LENNIX: "Love a challenge. Thanks, Jim."

"The Blacklist" airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. on NBC and KING 5.

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