Michael Bennett's Super Bowl ring. An early nose guard that broke more noses than it protected. Kicker Tom Dempsey's modified shoe.

You don't have to go to Canton, Ohio, to see best of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. You can see more than 200 artifacts in the Gridiron Glory exhibit, now at the Washington State History Museum.

“It is perfect,” said the museum’s Mary Mikel Stump. “It's training season for a fan right?”

But not everybody gets to tour a pro football exhibit with a former NFL player.

We hung out with Singor Mobley, a Curtis High and WSU standout who played three seasons as a safety and special teams player with the team he idolized as a kid: Not our boys -- the Cowboys.

“They were always on TV,” Mobley said. “They were always on TV Sunday or Monday night so I just got to like them.”

We checked out a not-so-aerodynamic football used by the Akron Indians in 1910. The forward pass was a rare play in the early days of football.

We also saw the first helmet with a radio receiver so the coach could communicate with the quarterback. It was ruled illegal in 1956. Now all quarterbacks use them.

Another display let us step into an instant replay booth, where we watched a disputed play from different angles and made the right call.

The only bad call you can make is to miss this exhibit, which will be open through September 10.

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