BELLEVUE, WASH. — When we say you might not be able to resist a Cat Ball, we’re not kitten around.

The Bellevue-based company makes unique hexagonal cat beds in stylish and whimsical designs including a shark, a spider, a strawberry and a watermelon.

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Don't need a ball? How about a canoe?

"Seems like a lot of cat people have a strong sense of humor and a sense of playfulness,” said Jennifer Boaro, founder of The Cat Ball.

She’s a former costume designer who came up with the idea while designing a human-size soccer mascot costume.

"I decided to do a miniature first, just to test out the pattern-making and the math and the materials, and that ended up becoming my first cat ball,” she said.

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Watermelon Style Cat Ball

Her own cats were immediately drawn to the collapsible foam bed in the shape of a ball.

"I think that cats tend to feel safe when they're in a small and enclosed space,” she said. "Cats can't help themselves but to go into things like boxes and bags, and I think that's a lot of the appeal. It's a lot like a box, but with prettier fabric. It's a washable box!"

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The Cat Ball has been featured everywhere from Modern Cat Magazine to Boaro also added a "cat canoe" to her brand.

But she still works out of the Bellevue home she shares with her husband.

"This is a small business, a mom and pop business really, with cat assistants,” Boaro said, laughing.

Cat Balls are available online and at these local retailers:

  • The Handmade Showroom, Pacific Place, Downtown Seattle
  • Paddywack, Mill Creek
  • Cats Exclusive, Shoreline
  • Natural Pet Pantry, Kirkland
  • Meowville Cat Grooming, Seattle
  • Petapoluza, Seattle
  • The Whole Cat and Kaboodle
  • Denny's Pet World, Kirkland

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Looks like these kittens are cuddly-cozy in this Cat Ball.