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The amazing flower house on Alki

She gets visitors from all over the globe to see her two houses bursting with blooms

The famous twin flower houses on Alki

WEST SEATTLE, Wash. -- Visitors come from all over the globe to see Randie Stone's twin beach homes.

"It just evolved. It just started growing. Ha! Started growing!" she says.

Randie's 1914 homes sit side-by-side. Both are bursting with blooms. So much so that they look like one home.

They are tucked in between high-rise condominiums. A blast of every color in between the gray and brown buildings alongside.

She doesn't have a website. She's not selling anything. She just does it because she wants to share it with the world.

She's lived here since 1989, when she moved from Hawaii.

"I just kinda created a little Hawaii right here."

Randie Stone tends to her "garden" daily, sometimes more.

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