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Team Evening wishes Lori Matsukawa a heartfelt goodbye

Her humor, height, and 'bob-sukawa' abilities are going to be missed.

SEATTLE — Team Evening wishes Lori Matsukawa congratulations and happy retirement after 36 years of working at KING 5. 

"I remember as a young buck sportscaster, I was very nervous sitting on the set for one of the very first times," said Michael King. "Sitting next to Lori, I felt a sense of calm, security [and] comfort."

"Lori is as nice and thoughtful as she appears on TV," said Saint Bryan.

"In all my years here, I have never seen her in person, not smiling," said Kim Holcomb.

Team Evening was also captivated by Lori's many hairstyles over the years. From long to short, to everywhere in between, her hair has always looked good. 

Lori's great hair was flattened by a helmet she wore for our Office Olympics of 2018. The 'Lori Bobsukawa' event involved Lori sitting on a mail cart and being pushed through the office towards the finish line. 

Being the good sport that she is, 'Lori Bobsukawa' was just one of the funny moments around the office.

Former anchor Amanda Grace remembers Lori's 'dirty' humor, "Lori hosted my baby shower when I was pregnant with my daughter," said Grace. "One of the games was, we had to sniff dirty diapers and guess what was inside. All these women are face-deep in dirty diapers. It was chocolate by the way, not the real thing!" 

"Lori's short and I'm tall," said Dennis Bounds, former anchor. "So the studio crew fashioned a small, I think it was called a half apple crate, for her to stand on."  The half apple crate for Lori would become affectionately known as the 'Mats Box'. 

We'll miss you Lori. From everyone at Team Evening, farewell and happy retirement!

Credit: KING 5
The 'Mats Box' would certainly be useful over Lori's years at the station.

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