SEATTLE -- In a place proudly known for being a bit off, it's fitting that its neighborhood tour is led by a guy, with a rocket on his head.

"You're in Fremont you don't have to be sure about anything here."

For 5 years now Mark "The Rocket Man" Ukelson has been celebrating the district public art through his unique walking tour of Seattle's Fremont neighborhood.

"Our tour guides dress in a costume, we carry props with us and we will playfully involve strangers in the street who have no idea they're going to be part of the tour so we don't even know what's going to happen." Said Ukelson

The tour takes about 90 minutes and covers a half a mile.

"We just know to follow our mission which is to encourage people to find their playfulness through art and history." Said Ukelson.

Ukelson's Fremont tour may not go far, but he knows you don't have to walk a great distance, in order to change your perspective.

The Fremont Tour kick off on June 21.