WHISTLER, BC — If you want to cool down from Whistler's warm summer days, it doesn't get any colder than this.

"You are now in the coldest vodka room in the world." Said Scott Barber of the Bearfoot Bistro.

The Kettle One Ice Room serves up sample shots of vodka to anyone who wants to learn more about the spirit.

"This is a one and only kind of place where we have one and only kind of rooms like this. We take people out into the lobby and put on a great big Canada Goose parkas to keep warm. It's an educational tour about vodka, so where vodka comes from, how it's made, distilled, filtered and then you get to taste the difference from all of those techniques."

The minus 25-degree room isn't just for show, it helps make the vodka go down smoother.

"It changes the viscosity, the thickness level. As in passes over your palate, it slows down molecularly and gives you that opportunity to notice that flavor profile without that overwhelming burning sensation."

It may be cold inside, but everyone leaves this tasting feeling warm all over.

"I get that all the time, oh you have a really cool job. Literally, it is."