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Tacoma's Almond Roca sign being remade in Seattle

The company replacing the iconic sign, and the fate of the original. #k5evening

SEATTLE — A Tacoma landmark is missing. The Almond Roca sign that has hung outside the Brown and Haley factory for 80 plus years is gone. Don't worry, we tracked it down. It's at its birth place - National Sign in Seattle. This company built it decades ago "Over the period it's kinda degraded, and they want to replace it. So we're gonna do an all new build, but it's gonna be an exact replica of the sign," said Tom Hubbard of National Sign. "Same colors, we'll use neon. You won't be able to tell it's a new sign."

Since the original plans are long gone, they hand traced the original fifteen-hundred-pound sign and are building the replica now, using aluminum instead of steel.

"They want this to be exactly what was there before and I think everybody's gonna be very happy, it's just gonna be a fresh version of what was there before." Hubbard said. 

They're recreating the neon, the iconic pink paint color, even the clock. What will happen to the sign they removed from the building? This old steel work of art shows its age - but its time isn't up yet:

"The original sign is being saved and it's going to be housed in a museum," said Hubbard. 

The original sign that's marked the 'Home of Almond Roca' for generations will have a new home soon, and we think that's a pretty sweet deal. 

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