TACOMA, Wash. — “I love the idea that you can do anything with color,” says Curtis Nielsen of Curtis Colors Hair. “You can make somebody stand out or you can make them blend in.”

Give Nielsen a day and he'll make your hair and your life a lot more colorful.

“No matter what, when you get a rainbow like this, you're going to have people talk to you.” He says.

Amanda Tebo loves her hair colors

Nielsen grew up in Shelton, a boy always drawn to fun colors.

“I wasn't really great at paying attention in class,” he says. “I always got sent out for talking too much and I had already been doing my own hair and my friend's hair for quite some time and it ended up seeming like a natural fit for me.”

For seven years he's been a hairstylist, but his styling skills were suddenly overshadowed by his talent for color when a 2018 Facebook video --titled Rainbows Forever--went viral, mesmerizing tens of millions of viewers worldwide.

“It spread like wildfire for sure,” he says.

Now Nielsen is one of the most sought after hair colorists in the Northwest. Especially among members of the self-described unicorn tribe. Amanda Tebo lives outside Seattle but drives to the Orange Door Salon in University Place  to see Nielsen.

Curtis Nielsen at work

“Every time he dyes my hair he's painting my hair,” she says. 

Nielsen considers himself an artist.

“This is definitely something that goes into the realm of painting as opposed to just a standard hair service,” he says. “I have a very huge emphasis on blending, making sure all the colors transfuse together like a prism rather than just stripes.”

We were especially impressed by Nielsen’s pastel rainbow pixie.

“I'm thinking about making sure there are no holes in the color,” he says. “That everything gets saturated.”

The painting alone can take up to 5 hours. Then the hair is shampooed, conditioned and carefully dried The result will be seen by thousands of Curtis's Instagram followers.

More importantly, his clients are thrilled.

“It kind of looks like an oil spill almost with how the colors blend together,” says Tebo.  “It's really cool looking.”

“It's fun just to do something different and put yourself out there,” says Krista Brown.

Oh it's out there alright! Thinking about adding some serious color to your life? Give Curtis a call.

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