Tacoma,WASH — Stackable Pugs. Loch Ness Monsters. Bacon and tiny finger-sized sushi rolls. They're all the products of a sewing machine and the mind of Aleeza McCant.

“I've always imagined faces on stuff growing up and even now honestly,” laughed McCant.

A self-described military brat, McCant was the new kid at school seven different times in several different states.

“I totally escaped into my mind as a kid growing up, and I spent a lot of time just making whatever I felt like."

She still does. For more than ten years McCant has been turning stacks of colorful fleece into lovable creatures she ships all over the world.

“I'm basically a one man show."

Well she does get some help. We met Jasper the pug, who helped inspire Aleeza's greatest creation. It’s something called the pug loaf.

“They're stackable and loafy. I really like pugs and then I made them in different sizes and they happened to stack. It's kind of a happy accident.”

Those stackable pug loafs get a lot of reaction.

“If I have a booth somewhere there's a lot people walking up and going 'Squeee!'"

She's sold thousands. Now McCant thinks she's come up with the next big thing: a pug wrapped up in a banana.

“This is Pugnana, he is the newest addition to the pug family. And is hopefully the first in a line of fruit pugs that I'm planning on doing.”

She puts in longer days than most people. But McCant says she's also having more fun than most people.

“I definitely think there is something to being able to enjoy life in the way that a kid does, and I hope I never lose that. I think it makes life easier to live and better.”

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