BELLEVUE, Wash. — It's a party on the T-mobile campus, complete with the Mariner Moose because baseball season's about to start at the newly renamed T-Mobile Park.

But this celebration is for the upcoming launch of 5G: the next generation of wireless tech that will change how we do everything.

"5G is going to unlock a whole new set of applications, many that we haven't even imagined yet,” said Erin Raney, senior director at T-Mobile. She took Evening’s Jim Dever aboard T-Mobile’s Future of Wireless Truck, a rolling show-room where anyone can see, and experience, what 5G can do. 

An array of phones set up to record a soccer ball show latency, or lag time, differences between 4G and 5G: Drop the ball and the simulated 4G screen shows the drop after about 2 seconds has elapsed. The simulated 5G screen shows the same action in real time, which is exactly how 5G will deliver that information. That elimination of latency isn’t just huge for gamers who want to interact in real time. It allows for applications like real-time remote robotic surgery. 

“What this really shows is with a network like this we can do so much more, whether it's autonomous drones, autonomous vehicles, remote robotics. So much will be possible,” said Raney. 

Touch screens in the truck demonstrate sci-fi stuff like smart clothes, live immersive virtual reality, and live weather applications.  At another station with a magenta Ducati, visitors don a personal speaker and grab a tablet, and see how 5G connection speed will make AR – augmented reality – very much real, as a virtual mechanic explains how to replace the battery on a real-life motorcycle. 

This truck full of tech is free, there’s even giveaway swag like interactive trucker’s caps. The Future of Wireless Truck will be appearing at Mariner’s Fan Fest at the end of March, welcoming everyone aboard to see what the 5G future will look like. 

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