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Sweet creations from Kenmore take cotton candy to the next-level

Candy Floss Boss specializes in customized organic cotton candy and unusual toppings

KENMORE, Wash. — A new Kenmore business is making cotton candy creations that elevate the county fair confection to a new level.

"I kind of wanted to take the scary clown part out of it, or the carnival out of it, and make it more boutique,” said owner Amy Blackstone. 

She founded Candy Floss Boss – a one-woman operation featuring traditional and organic cotton candy.

"The European term for cotton candy is ‘fairy floss’ or ‘candy floss.’ And I thought, candy floss... candy floss boss,” she said. "I just took a leap of faith and here I am."

The full-time working mom runs Candy Floss Boss as a side hustle, making customized orders for parties and events.

The majority of her options are organic and mixed by hand, using plant-based dyes, natural organic essences, and organic sugar. Unique flavors include mango, lychee, green apple and root beer.

Customized cones can be topped with sprinkles, dried fruit, candy or edible butterflies.

Kids love the birthday cake flavor with cookie crumbles, and adults enjoy cotton candy-topped champagne flutes.

For low-light gatherings, Blackstone has LED cones that illuminate the cotton candy.

Before she sells anything, she gets approval from a panel of experts.

"My taste-testers are my twin boys, and they're brutal!” she said, laughing. “They let me know! They give me the thumbs up or the thumbs down or the thumbs in the middle.”

Questions or orders can be submitted through the Candy Floss Boss Instagram account.

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