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Summer wakeboard lessons from Sisters in Action Sports get Northwest women stoked

Sisters in search of stoke start an adrenaline sports club for women only

There is one sound you'll always hear at an SAS 'Women's Wake Day'. Lots of woo-hoos.

"It's kinda what we're about, is a sisterhood of encouragement,” said Pam Miller, Founder of Sisters in Action Sports. “Our mission is to inspire, to encourage, and to support women in action sports."

Members in this non-profit range from girls to grandmas – and have regular get-togethers to do everything from wakeboarding, to rock climbing, to mountain biking, to snow sports.

And when these women get together to defy gravity - they get far more out of it than an adrenaline rush.

"For myself personally, those are life sports,” said Miller, who is a cancer survivor. She battled it by climbing walls and racing mountain bikes. She started Sisters in Action Sports to share what she learned from those sports with other women:

"You learn that you can. And that you can try again. And you can fall over and laugh."

At this SAS Wake Day, a boat load of women who have never met, mostly beginners, are getting tips from Priscilla Stultz, one of the best female wakeboarders in the Northwest.

"I cannot wait to get in the water, I am stoked. With her coaching, this is amazing. I can't wait, I really can't,” enthused Breeannna Chapman, one of the women attending this wake session.

Credit: Anne Erickson
Priscilla Stultz flys high on Women's Wake Day with Sisters in Action Sports

“When I'm out here coaching and mentoring and seeing these girls who thought they'd never be able to do certain things, and going ‘Oh my god I did it, I did it, I did it!’ it's a feeling like you can’t really explain,” said Stultz.

It happens after Erika Weber, a 39-year-old non-wakeboarder at her first SAS event, pops right up, thanks to Stultz’s expert mentoring.

"She looks amazing, right?" shouted Stultz above the woo-hoos of the crowd on the boat.

"That was super super fun!” Weber exclaimed, climbing back into the boat after a handful of successful rides.

Founder Pam Miller is the one of the beginners on board - she's never wake boarded, let alone wake surfed. After a few tries, Miller is carving behind the boat on a wake surfing board, proving 57 is a perfectly good age to learn something new.

"You learn to overcome your own fears. You learn to progress. You learn to cheer for other people," said Miller.

There's one more thing that happens at every SAS get together: Women who start as strangers become friends. You might even say sisters.

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