There’s a place out near Mt. Rainier where summer is a magic spell and friendships are built to last. A local camp that's just what the doctor ordered, 50 years of healing and 50 years of fun.

It's all thanks to Dr. Stanley Stamm.

Dr. Stamm was Seattle Children's very first cardiologist back in 1953. And even at the age of 92, he's still making life better for kids with serious medical challenges here at the camp that bears his name.

Stamm Camp got its start a half century ago.

“And I sort of did it on my own with a couple of residents and medical students,” said Dr. Stamm.

It began with a handful of campers. Now, they serve 100 at a time.

“I see them do things that they never thought they could do,” said Dr. Stamm

For one week every summer, these patients are prescribed fresh air, fishin' and fun.

“They become just normal kids. They don't talk about their illness,” said Dr. Stamm. “They just talk about enjoying camp.”

Some of them never leave. Anthony Taylor first came to Stamm Camp 40 years ago, as a young heart patient. Now, he returns every year as a volunteer.

“Having fun and that's what I want to give back to the kids because that's what I got,” said Taylor. “This is family. Doc Stamm's like a second dad to me.”

This is where Anthony learned to laugh. And love. He met volunteer Angel McCreary here. Now they're getting married. Just another sign of magic in this magical place.