Seattle — SUIKA Seattle, on Capitol Hill, features Izakaya, Japanese pub fare. Plates are meant to be shared, and drinks are designed to indulge.

SUIKA Seattle halibut
Erickson, Anne

The Seared Albacore Tuna is crispy on the outside and delicate in the middle, and in season right now.

SUIKA Seattle's Uni Creamy Udon
Erickson, Anne

The Uni Creamy Udon is a full-on rainbow of roe.

Eel Bibimbap
Eel Bibimbap at Suika Seattle - note the two spoons for sharing.
Erickson, Anne

Eel Bibimbap, Note, two spoons for sharing.

SUIKA Seattle Watermelon Tiki
A drink as big as your head!
Erickson, Anne

And the topper -- this is the Watermelon Tiki! A frosty cocktail that's perfect for this hot summer.

SUIKA Seattle 611 E Pine St. (206) 747-9595 @SuikaSeattle