Bellingham, WASH -- 4 years ago, Anny Havland sold her mortgage company to start a web TV show. It's now her full-time passion.

"It's been hard. I get no after no after no. You're never gonna make this. Just give it up Anny. You're gonna lose your life savings. You're gonna end up on the streets with the homeless people you're trying to help. Like stop!" Said Hayland.

Her show focuses on turning bad into good. Like when she heard a friend in San Diego got beat up so severely that he couldn't come home for Christmas. She and her crew flew down with guests.

Hayland said, "I told him the camera guys had to go bring the equipment back? But they didn't. They actually were going to pick up his mom and dad at the airport. Cuz his one wish was to have a mom hug."

And now she beat out some big names to win a coveted Best of Western Washington award for Best TV personality.

"I have no idea how I won against all these news reporters. But I think in my heart, the reason is because people are ready for a change." Said

Congrats to Anny Hayland for being voted Best TV Personality in Evening's Best of Western Washington viewers poll. Presented by Alaska Airlines.

Anny Havland program Talk It Up TV can be seen here