SEATTLE — Located between West Seattle and White Center, the Tug Inn is the place to go for game day ... or any day. 

"I've been coming here for about ten years," said regular Ray Grisson. "This is church to me, basically. It's a place where I know I can come and not be judged. It just feels like home." 

Heaters outside allow customers to enjoy outdoor seating all year round, and with two pool tables, a skeeball machine, and a dart board, you won't run out of entertainment at this dive bar. 

"We have a diverse crowd here, we get a lot of cool people," said Bethany Mayden, a Tug Inn employee. "I really like this kind of atmosphere, this is definitely where I belong." 

"There's no other place here," said Todd Fraser, a Tug Inn customer. "You have to go further into West Seattle or further into White Center."

According to Mayden, one of the bar's most popular drinks is the Long Island iced tea. It's a blend of vodka, tequila, whiskey and gin with a little Triple sec, sour and Coke. 

"Instead of doing happy hour, we do weekly specials," said Mayden. "Monday, we do micro beer a dollar off. Tuesdays, we do $3.50 Corona and Modelos. Wednesday we do a $4.25 well whiskey. Thursday we do the $2.50 tall boys. Fridays, we do $5.50 Jager and Fireball." 

The bar's Jell-O shots, which go for a buck a piece, are also very popular, Mayden said. 

You won't want to miss game day at The Tug

"During the Seahawks and Husky games we spin the wheel for drinks," said Mayden. "I would really recommend that people come here because we have a really friendly atmosphere." 

The Tug Inn | 2216 SW Orchard St, Seattle, WA 98106 | (206) 768-8852

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