Our lip smacking tour starts in Ballard where a couple's love for barbecue has turned into a thriving business.

"The name is Bitterroot. It's named after the river just south of Missoula", said Grant Carter, co-owner of Bitterroot.

"We do what we consider Northwest-style barbecue just because we use apple wood which is local to the area. Gives a lighter sweeter smoke to it."

Bitterroot has been bringing in barbecue lovers of all ages since they opened over 3 years ago.

"The Cowboy Killer is our combo plate that gives you a good chance to taste everything on the menu."

Grant's wife and Bitterroot co-owner Hannah Carter says there's another dish that shouldn't be missed. "Something we're incredibly proud of is our house made hot link. We grind everything and encase it here in-house. It's one hundred percent pork and it's coming out fantastic right now."

In Seattle's Central District you'll find a shrine to locals and good food, all thanks to a man called Pookey.

"The place is The Barbecue Pit and we cook barbecue", said Edward "Pookey" Whitfield owner of The Barbecue Pit.

"I was blessed to be raised by a woman who was a good cook and that's my mom. The Barbecue is cooked about as authentic as barbecue is able to be cooked. No gas, no pellets, everything is cooked strictly on wood. We specialize in ribs. Dry rubbed and put into the pit. We make the fire and we cook them roughly for about 4 hours."

Some of the Barbecue Pit's more popular items are the pulled pork sandwich and a plate of ribs to go. Throw in some collard greens like Pookey's mom use to make and you've got a place that fills the neighborhood's soul as well as their stomachs.

"Come in with your kid, sit down, and have barbecue, father, and son. You know that's a lifetime moment."

Along Airport Way in south Seattle, you'll find a place that takes their barbecue very seriously.

"People who come here are almost religious about it." Said Jack Timmons, owner of Jack's BBQ, "What we do here is a central Texas style smoking. Central Texas style is all about the fire. It turns out it's the invisible gasses coming off clean burning wood that has all the flavor that makes barbecue so delicious."

Jack's smokes everything from ribs to shoulder. But what they're really known for is their brisket.

"We cook them anywhere from 10 to 12 to 16 hours", said Timmons. "All we put on that beef brisket is salt and pepper and smoke it over our wood that we import from Texas like mesquite, hickory and post oak."

It may seem like a lot of trouble to go through, but for barbecue purists, low and slow is all that they know.

"People love good barbecue. It's amazing how soulful people get. This is the most soulful of soul foods", said Timmons.