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'SNL' cast member Mikey Day talks Season 48 and his Puget Sound connection

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SEATTLE — Network staple Saturday Night Live kicked off its 48th season at the beginning of October.

Evening host and entertainment reporter Kim Holcomb talked to cast member Mikey Day about the secret to the show’s success, and his connection to Puget Sound.

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HOLCOMB: "First and possibly most important question: I understand you might have some family here — would you like to say hello to them?”

DAY: “Yes! To my cousins in Everett — I believe they're still in Everett, hello. And all my cousins' children — what is that term? If your cousin has a kid, who are they to you? (TAKES PIECE OF PAPER FROM OFF-CAMERA) My writing partner Streeter Seidel, SNL head writer — I'm in my office right now, he's in the office — and he slipped me a piece of paper that said 'niecen and nephen' but I think he's just messing with me.”

HOLCOMB: “Listen, if that's not a sketch the week after this, I'm going to be be sorely disappointed."

DAY: “Just getting handed slips of paper with incorrect information? Anyway, my niecen and nephen (laughs.) Thank you for that.”

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HOLCOMB: "I have to tell you, the show that I work on has been on the air for 36 years but we're still no 'SNL,' so what is the secret sauce to get to season 48?”

DAY: “Wow — that's a question for Lorne (Michaels.) I really think he's the magic ingredient that makes the show so special and still feel cool, you know? Whatever he's doing, it's pretty great. I feel very grateful to be a part of it, this legacy."

HOLCOMB: "Truly one of my favorite parts of the show every week is the very end, with the hugging and the handshakes and the embraces.”

DAY: “Yeah.”

HOLCOMB: “Is that genuine? Is it awkward? What is that actually like when you’re on the stage and that’s happening?”

DAY: “Very genuine. It’s the end of the show and you’re tired and it’s like the end of the week, so it’s definitely genuine. Definitely genuine. Oftentimes I'll forget that, ‘Oh yeah, this is also on TV.’ Sometimes I'm aware if I'm giving a handshake and someone's going in for a fist bump and I don't awkwardly grab their hand instead. That's the only thing that I'm trying to be hyper aware of."

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HOLCOMB: "My co-host Jim (Dever,) about six years ago, saw the Haunted Elevator sketch and immediately made himself a David S. Pumpkins costume which he then wore on our show. Since you helped create that sketch, does he owe you royalties and if so, how much?”

DAY: “Yeah, about $79.99 and he can do check or money order to 30 Rock."

The next episode of 'SNL' on Oct. 28 features Jack Harlow as both host and musical guest.

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