Sometimes a walk in the not a walk in the park. Your choice for Best Dog Walker in our 2017 Best of Western Washington viewer's poll, Sniff Seattle, offers three tips to the best walk your dog will ever take.

Number one, it starts with the right collar.

"For safety reasons you really need to have the right harness on. If a dog is a puller, you can't necessarily get by with just a collar around the neck cuz they could slip outta that and then the dog is off and goin'," says Sniff owner Greg Valentine.

Number two is "get a grip."

Sniff walkers are trained to wrap the leash around their hand.

"So it's super secure and you don't lose control of your animal," says longtime walker Hanna Engel.

And third, know your dog's trigger(s).

"Any given dog has something that gets their attention and sets 'em off a little bit. Could be a squirrel. Could be another dog. A cat. A bird. Whatever it is, your dog could try and bolt," says Valentine.

He says Sniff is different as they do not do "pack walks," choosing instead to do one-on-one strolls in the dog's neighborhood.