Fans of scary movies can immerse themselves in the genre at Scared to Death: The Thrill of Horror Film inside Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture.

"I think a big part of horror is that idea that you have to actually go through it yourself,” said MoPOP senior curator Jacob McMurray.

Walking through the exhibition is like joining a scary movie in progress – there are a variety of interactive portions, along the lines of a haunted house. In one section, visitors walk through a maze of hanging body bags.

"There's always the classic horror scene where someone has to walk through a meat locker and push the sides of beef, or maybe hanging human bodies, out of the way and we wanted to kind of replicate that experience,” McMurray said. “It's a little uncomfortable and you have to push through these and they kind of move as they bump against you."

There’s also a full-size coffin for photo ops, a zombie gauntlet, and an unholy vampire chapel where passages from Dracula are illustrated in stained glass.

“The Ames Bros, known for creating hundreds and hundreds of Pearl Jam posters, did an amazing job of making these beautiful stain glass windows,” McMurray said.

Film artifacts include Freddy Krueger's original sweater, the saw from Saw, Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s stake, Jason Vorhees’ face mask, and an imposing Michael Meyers from the 2007 remake of Halloween.

"It's giant, it's seven feet tall,” McMurray said. “(The actor) was a huge guy, so we had to make our biggest case we've ever made for a costume to fit it in there."

Scared to Death opens to the public on September 30. It's included in the price of admission and is recommended for ages 13 and up.

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