SEATTLE — Let's go camping!

The Mountaineering Club opened in early 2019, perched at the top of the Graduate Hotel in the U District. It's been a hit since its opening, thanks to its creative cocktails and food, and the gorgeous views of the surrounding area.

Mountaineering Club
Rain or shine, the Mountaineering Club has great views.

The drinks and food at the Mountaineering Club are all camping and outdoors-inspired. The Looking Under Logs cocktail features rye whiskey and black trumpet mushroom, while the We Put Nettles IN This features...yes...Nettle Fizz.

As for food, dishes run the gamut from Loki Salmon Can to their Mountain Club Boil, which features shrimp, clams and much more.

Mountain Club Boil
The Mountain Club Boil makes you feel like you're out at a barbecue!

If you visit, be sure to try the Rooftop S'mores. You'll have your very own campfire set up, right at your table- minus the campfire! More like a candle.

Mountaineering Club Smores
Camfire s'mores at a rooftop bar? Sign me up!

The Mountaineering Club is open at 3pm on the weekdays and 12pm on the weekends. Head to the Graduate Hotel in the U District, take the elevator up to floor 16, and enjoy camping...minus the sleeping outside!

The Mountaineering Club | 4507 Brooklyn Ave NE | 206-634-2000 

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