Sabastian Chik loves his little brother, Savior.

He loves fresh air and open water.

And most of all... he loves to fish.

He loves everything about it.

But you what Sabastian doesn't love?

Plastic in our oceans, rivers, Puget Sound. Even in our fish.

So Sabastian has come up with a way to support the things he loves and help eliminate the stuff he doesn't.

The sixth grader invented a fishing lure made of reused plastic instead of the usual metal. And it worked surprisingly well.

He perfected the plastic freshwater lures and started offering them online.

Now he has his own product line and some big plans to change the world. He hopes the plastic creations he sends under the sea will ultimately keep plastic out of it.

To help Sabastian achieve his goal, visit his Gofundme Site: