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These vegan desserts are simply amazing!

"We provide dessert that's designed to give your taste buds an experience!" said Tyra Robinson of Simply Amazing Treats. #k5evening

KENT, Wash. — Tyra Robinson never set out to bake vegan desserts. She simply loved baking; and for many years while living on the east coast, she baked cakes for special occasions. 

"I wanted everybody to be happy on their birthday and I thought the cake made all the difference," Robinson shared. "It's like I want you to have that birthday experience every time!" 

But a health issue forced her to reconsider her specialty. Her husband, Sam was diagnosed with gout and had high blood pressure. Tyra had high blood pressure too and noticed her cholesterol rising. 

"My refrigerator was bacon, cheese, and eggs," Robinson said. "Those were the staples."

"I was feeling terrible," said Tyra's husband Sam. "Sweating all the time. Breathing heavy and out of breath. Just no energy."

They both decided it was time for a change. They started exercising and ultimately adopted a vegan lifestyle. 

When their health improved and they lost weight, baking the traditional way no longer felt authentic.  

And that's how Simply Amazing Treats was born.    

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Tyra says it's been fun finding new ways to make all the sweet things she enjoyed making before and then some.  She features many of them on Instagram. From vegan cookies to coconut cake to strawberry cheesecake, Tyra finds a way to make good dessert, that just happens to use no animal products.  

And she and her husband say they feel better than ever. 

"Today I lost over 140 pounds and still going," Sam shared. 

As for Tyra, her cholesterol has normalized and she's lost 40 pounds.  

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Tyra does like to remind people that vegan dessert is still dessert. 

So consume accordingly, just be prepared to be amazed!

Simply Amazing Treats are sold in stores and at various pop up events, but you can also pre-order online.

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