REDMOND, Wash. — Free doughnuts and ice cream? And all-you-can-eat hot pot buffet? It's all at Shaburina in Redmond.

Shaburina - named after one of the co-owners, Sabrina - is a shabu-shabu restaurant that features individual hot pots for each diner. Customers order whatever broth and thinly-sliced meat they want, and then fill their plates at the all-you-can-eat buffet. From vegetables to seafood to mushrooms, there's something for everyone at the buffet.

Shaburina Hot Pot
At Shaburina, each diner has their own individual hot pot.

The Shaburina website describes shabu-shabut as, "a Japanese nabemono hot pot dish of thinly sliced meat and vegetables boiled in water and served with dipping sauces. The term is onomatopoeic, derived from the sound emitted when the ingredients are stirred in the cooking pot. The food is cooked piece by piece by the diner at the table".

Unlike other hot pot styles, shabu-shabu features ingredients that are cooked over the course of the meal, rather than all together at once.

Shaburina Doughnuts
Shaburina serves complimentary doughnuts with condensed milk to every table!

Once you're done with your hot pot, be sure to save some room for dessert- each diner receives a free soft serve ice cream cone once they're done their meal!

If you're looking for unique hot pot with some delightful treats, head to Shaburina in Redmond!

Shaburina | 2720 152nd Ave NE #130 Redmond

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