Selena Gomez and Andy Samberg have done hundreds of interviews for their roles in the Hotel Transylvania franchise – but only one with a 9-year-old junior reporter from Seattle.

Mae Piercy talked to the stars about Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, their own family travels, and their favorite happy songs.

PIERCY: "What's your best family vacation and your worst family vacation?"

GOMEZ: "I liked road trips with my family, it felt like that was kind of our version of vacations. But one time I went to Austin, Texas, it was a four hour drive, and my friend threw up in the front seat, and I had the windows rolled down. So when she threw up, it went right back (into the car.) True story, it was awful. It was strawberry milkshake, to be exact.”

SAMBERG: “So many vacations end in throw up, and I would say those are all my worst."

PIERCY: "What three things do you pack before a trip?”

SAMBERG: “Phone charger. Underpants. Pants."

GOMEZ: "Phone charger. Lots of hair ties. And a speaker to play music.”

PIERCY: "What do you like best about playing a funny character?”

SAMBERG: “I love playing funny characters because I get to tell jokes, which is my favorite thing to do in the world.”

GOMEZ: “He's good at them.”

SAMBERG: “Thank you.”

PIERCY: “I would agree.”

SAMBERG: “Thank you!"

PIERCY: "Do you have anything in common with your character?"

SAMBERG: "My hair is not that orange. Or really at all orange.”

GOMEZ: “You have the same eye color.”

SAMBERG: “Similar eye color, and I like to think a youthful exuberance."

GOMEZ: "I would say that I am very overprotective like Mavis, I can be a little sassy. I like her strength."

PIERCY: "Andy, your character has to find a happy song to save everyone. What's your happy song?”

SAMBERG: “I mean, anything by Selena. (laughter) That's my go-to. When I'm in the gym, waking up in the morning and I want to get jazzed, I just play her stuff.”

GOMEZ: “Thanks Andy. I like to play some Taylor, I love some good Taylor Swift, T-Swizzie. It depends - sometimes I like older music like Fleetwood Mac.”

PIERCY: “I don't know who that is.”

SAMBERG: “You should check them out! They're pretty great.”

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