Yes, there is definitely something in the air.

“Ew! That stinks!” says one visitor.

It's the first blooming of an amorphophallus titanum named Dougsley, a twelve-year-old Corpse Flower in rare form at the Volunteer Park Conservatory.

“This is a very special day,” says Senior Gardener David Helgeson.

Most bloom only once every few years.

Like a lot of twelve-year-olds, Dougsley reeks.

“Oh it's kind like a swamp with a sewage drainage in it,” says another visitor. “It's pretty rough.”

But it smells oh so sweet to flies and carrion beetles in the jungles of Sumatra, the corpse flower's native land.

So why Dougsley? It's one part tribute to the retired UW greenhouse manager Doug Ewing. The other part of the name is Pugsley, from the Addams Family.

“It seemed appropriate,” says Hegelson.

Want a sniff? The conservatory stays open until 9 PM tonight. Dougsley will be blooming, mostly scent-free, for the next couple of days.