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Seattle's 'Rad Scientist' produces fun and free online science videos for kids

Mikey Gervais and Kaylee Colee stream 3 videos a week teaching kids through music

Mikey Gervais, the Rad Scientist, has a passion for bringing learning and music together. He has been teaching and singing songs about a variety of topics for over ten years.

"I normally work with pre-schools and do shows for kids," said Mikey, "I've been playing these shows for kids for years and Kaylee's been helping me, she's the chief dance officer."

Since schools are closed, Mikey's day job has shifted. He has decided to take his show online with the help of Kaylee Cole. 

"This is our set up, we've got a computer here and an iPhone here," said Mikey about their home studio.

Mikey and Kaylee started live streaming fun science lessons on Facebook while everyone's stuck at home

"It's a lot of pressure for parents I think, to all of a sudden be a full-time stay at home parent and an educator on top of it -- so now a lot of them are working from home, too," said Kaylee.

The lessons and the songs are bringing dozens of students a fun interactive show for 3 days a week.

"We've got all these cute videos that kids' parents are sending -- videos like 'Thank you' -- it's just the cutest," shared Mikey.

This online show is another way for these two to make it through the next few weeks while helping kids learn.  Everyone can access the videos for free, but Mikey says that people are donating money to help him while he's out of a job.

"I've been waking up super anxious [...] but after we've been doing these shows, it calmed me down," shared Mikey, "People have been really generous and I think they really appreciate it. We're all just going to have to come up with different ways of doing things."

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