Most of us go to museums to admire something about our past, but at a virtually secret Lamborghini Museum in Seattle, it is the future that is celebrated.

Specifically, the future use of carbon fiber technology developed by Lamborghini to make their super cars faster, lighter and more fuel efficient.

"It's strong and stiff, but it's light," says Paolo Feraboli who runs an adjacent lab funded by Lamborghini. "For that reason, it's a very sought after material for high-performance products whether cars, sporting equipment or airplanes."

Boeing now uses carbon fiber for half of its 787 Dreamliner air frames, including the sweeping wing tips, said to cut fuel consumption by up to five percent.

The more you look around the museum, the more you realize carbon fiber is catching on.

Tours are conducted one Saturday each month. For more information visit the Lambo Lab website.