“Sorry, we can not confirm your identity.”

I’ve been stranded in the airlock between Axon’s massive metal door and the office Geekwire calls the geekiest in Seattle.

And the retinal identification scan is insistent.

“Pretty sure I'm on TV,” I said.

“Sorry, we can not confirm your identity.”

How did Axon win geekiest office space?

CEO Rick Smith can stroll through the hallway via a robot when he's at an off-site business meeting.

“The fun part is to creep up on people when they don't know you're here,” says Smith.

General Manager Marcus Womack is actually here in person and he’s happy to show us the matrix chairs.

“They're little touchdown stations that people can use if they need a little break from computing at their desks during the day,” says Womack.

The kitchen is full of free stuff... including beer on tap!

“This is from Stoup Brewing. It’s their Mosaic Pale Ale.”

Womack pours me a pint. It is good.

“We have thirty-five open positions,” says Womack.“So do you know how to code? Can you write code?”

Programmers who can write code are in high demand in Seattle and companies like Axon, who create body cameras for cops, compete by offering more than just great pay.

“Where you work matters because you spend a lot of time here,” says Womack.

Not necessarily a lot of time all the time. Have you heard of this thing called unlimited vacation?

“You get to define when you take vacation. We empower employees with the abilities to say ‘Hey I need some time off.’”

But at an office with free food, matrix chairs and retinal scanning devices, why would you ever leave?

And, seriously, how do you get out of the airlock?

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