Holly Myers, buyer for Seattle’s iconic indie bookstore, Elliott Bay Book Company, revealed the staff’s picks for 2016’s top 5 holiday gift books for kids:

1) The Atlas of Animal Adventures by Lucy Letherland, Rachel Williams, Emily Hawkins

For reference readers:

"So it works on a bunch of different levels -- young kids can go through and look for the different animals, older kids can learn about the different animals on the different continents," said Myers.

2) Penguin Problems – by Jory John, Lane Smith

For pessimists:

“This is just a really fun story about a penguin who has a lot of complaints about things, and he goes through all of these whingeing complaints until he meets Walrus. And Walrus has some brilliant pieces of advice for Penguin.”

3) Ada Twist, Scientist by Andrea Beaty, David Roberts

For inquiring minds:

"This is probably one of my true favorites of the season, Ada Twist, Scientist. Ada doesn't talk until she's three years old and the first word out of her mouth is 'Why?’ and she has the most wonderful, inquisitive curious mind! The illustrations are absolutely hilarious,” said Myers, pointing out one where Ada is poking a finger up her dad’s nose, to see what’s inside.

4) They All Saw a Cat by Brendan Wenzel

For fans of felines:

Myers described this one as a staff favorite: "These are just wonderful illustrations. And for me, these kinds of picture books with the minimal text, and so much going on with the illustrations, it really gives a kid a chance to get in there with the art and sort of tell you what the story is. "

5) The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles by Michelle Cuevas, Erin E. Stead

Great for grownups:

"I think there's always a picture book for grownups every year, and for me it is 'The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles' this year,” said Myers. The book’s protagonist’s job is to go to the shoreline and find and deliver all of the bottles with messages in them. Then one day, he gets a message that’s meant for him.

"This is one of those treasures that both adults and kids really get a lot out of,” said Myer, who didn’t want to give away too much about this book.

Kids will love these books, but don’t forget about the grown-ups on your list.