Julie Korth knows what every dog needs. A good pair of pants.

"My entire design was all about the dog and their comfort," Korth said. "They just happen to be really cute."

Korth is the founder of Mozzie Pants, a company creating fashions for the furry. She is also Mozzie's mom.

"I got him from a rescue group that goes down and gets the death row dogs from California," said Korth about her company's 4-year-old namesake.

When he arrived at his new home, the pup had to learn how to take his business outside, so Korth made him pants that could hold an absorbent pad.

"And within five days he was completely potty trained," Korth recalled. "And there was no stress involved."

But even potty-trained pooches prefer stylish attire, so Korth created crotchless walking pants that allow for their wearers to relieve themselves with no muss or fuss.

And Korth discovered that a comfortable outfit was just what the doctor ordered. It kept Mozzie's pal, Cody, from chewing at rashes that had flared up from seasonal allergies.

Korth was able to eliminate an embarrassing accessory from Cody's wardrobe.

"Yes, ditch the cone."

The canine couture also came in handy when playtime got messy.

"I could just take them off and leave all the grime outdoors," Korth said.

Now, Korth and her company manufacture a whole line of clothing in every shape and size. Mozzie pants offers t-shirts, pants and fleece tops.

Maybe someday, the entire animal world will have the decency to put on some clothes.

"How do you put pants on a dog?" Korth asked, then answered with a laugh, "One leg at a time."

Mozzie Pants can be found at the Mozzie Pants website.