SEATTLE — There are some weird and wonderful things to see around Western Washington. And the person documenting it all is Seattle Walk Report.

Susanna Ryan, also known as Seattle Walk Report on Instagram, is both an artist and a walk aficionado. She's always been an artist, but her love of walking began after taking a long walk while listening to podcasts.

"From that day on, all I wanted to do was walk. And I felt like I was discovering things about Seattle that I never knew," Susanna says. "There's a secret world out there that I never took the time to notice before."

Thus, Seattle Walk Report was born -- a way for Susanna to chronicle for adventures for all to see.

Seattle Walk Report 2
Seattle Walk Report illustrates her walks around Western Washington.

Susanna walks five miles a day when she works, but on her days off, she walks eight to ten miles a day. Her personal record is 30 miles - 30 MILES! I need to sit down just thinking about it.

During her walks, Susanna sketches and takes photos of things that she sees. There's no pre-planned drawings, or pre-planned sightings -- whatever Susanna sees, she documents.

"I just look at the pictures I took and what I wrote, and see how it all goes together," Susanna says.

And at the end of the day, she fits the puzzle pieces together and includes what makes her laugh. 

Seattle Walk Report 3
Susanna recently came out with a book, Seattle Walk Report!

Susanna didn't begin her walking adventure with the intent to publicize it. It just felt right to share on social media.

"It felt so real and so genuine, and it was coming from such a genuine place for me, and I wanted to put it out there for people to find," Susanna says.

You can find her illustrations on Instagram, but Susanna now has a book out- Seattle Walk Report: An Illustrated Walking Tour through 23 Seattle Neighborhoods. Find it right here.

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