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Seahawk Shaquill Griffin talks fashion, weight loss, and love - Hangin' with the Hawks

A pact with the cornerback's twin Shaquem is still in play

SEATTLE — Get ready to have a good time when Seahawk Shaquill Griffin walks into the room. He joins us for a rollicking edition of "Hangin' with the Hawks."

We start with a question he's been asked a million times (or more) before. But it's one he doesn't have an answer for yet.

Michael: How cool is it to play with your twin brother Shaquem?

Shaq: I feel like I still haven't found the words really? Things like this usually don't happen. That one percent chance of makin' it to the NFL. Another one percent chance of playing on the same team with your twin brother? It's like a Cinderella story, something you can only imagine and wish for. But for it to actually happen, there are still days I can't believe it.

Michael: Your college bio says you're a minute older. But I checked Wiki and it says two minutes. So what's the number?

Shaq: It's one minute. The only person who'd say it a tad bit different is my brother. He'd say sixty seconds 'cuz it sounds a little shorter.

Michael: And you made a pact with each other when you were eight years old?

Shaq: We made a promise we were gonna stick together no matter what. No matter where we go or what we do in this world, we're gonna do it together.

Michael: So what does that actually mean?

Shaq: When we made that pact, we had dreams that we were gonna always live with each other, work in the same job, marry twins. The marry twins part is...

Michael: You have to marry twins?

Shaq: No not anymore. That's tough. I made that promise a long time ago.

Michael: When you were eight!

Shaq: It sounded good then. It sounded like we could definitely make that happen. But now, today, that's not easy.

Michael: But if there are some twins out there who are interested, they should apply?

Shaq: Yeah. Definitely. Give it a try. Check it out I guess. But we kinda just are doing our own thing when it comes to that. I feel like that's the only thing we're going to keep separate.

Michael: Shaquem is the only player in NFL history to play with one hand. But you, as his brother, you probably don't even notice?

Shaq: No I don't. I've never treated him differently. Now you see him today, first-ever football player to get drafted with one hand, I already knew it was gonna happen. I've seen this in him. I'm trying to figure out what everybody's surprised about.

Michael: In the off-season, you lost 18 pounds. Why?

Shaq: Last year I played a little bit heavier, around like 212. It was on purpose to be able to stand my ground when it came to hitting. I feel like that hindered me because I got fatigued a lot faster. And now I can plant, break, move, change directions so much faster. 

Michael: How much does your hair weigh? You might be able to shed a couple of pounds.

Shaq: Yeah, I feel like I'll just shed more weight somewhere else if I need to.

 Michael: How do you fit all that in a helmet?

Shaq: I just take out this little ponytail and it just lays flat. Some people put air in their helmet to make it fit. I need no air. None. Just slide it on.

Michael: And you got extra padding. So, did legendary corner Richard Sherman (whom Griffin replaced) give you any dreadlock advice? 

Shaq: He gave me his hair-stylist. So that's the biggest thing you can give a person with 'dreds. So thank you Richard for that one.

Michael: Speaking of fashion, you and Shaquem got it goin' on!

Shaq: We always try to come up with different ideas....anything to keep the excitement goin'. We're really big, into fashion. Actually my brother was thinking maybe one day he'd start his own clothing line...we love to look nice.

Michael: Do you borrow each other's clothes?

Shaq: We can. We wear the same size. So it would work.

Michael: I understand you're a big hockey fan. You must be amped that Seattle's getting a team.

Shaq: Watching an ice hockey match, I had a chance to be right there on the glass. Seeing people get slammed into the glass was insane. And I fell in love ever since. And then to hear we're getting a hockey team? Even better. I will definitely be attending a lot of those games. I just wonder how they do it.

Michael: All right Shaquill, great to meet you.

Shaq: No doubt. Thank you.

Griffin met with us in-studio to promote Delta's 12status program, where fans can earn miles, board early and get discounts on Lyft rides to Sea-Tac.

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