If it happened in Seattle in 2018, chances are good Seattle Magazine covered it.

"This year was actually not a bad year in Seattle sports,” said John Levesque, Managing Editor for Seattle Business. “Yes, the Mariners teased us and then failed. The Seattle Storm won a WNBA championship their third. The Seahawks are actually better than we thought they were going to be. University of Washington softball went to the college world series, baseball team went to the college world series for the first time."

"We really like to celebrate our sense of place, what makes Seattle really unique and clearly the outdoors are a big piece of that," said Virginia Smyth, Executive Editor for Seattle Magazine. "A good example of that is our June issue where we covered 85 places, things to do around the area. We did a fall cover story on scenic getaways. I think everywhere there's something new to celebrate."

Seattle magazine's arts coverage celebrated everything from Marvel at Mo-Pop to artifact from India at SAM.

"Another big art story this year was the Sodo mural project," said Gwendolyn Elliott, Senior Editor for Seattle Magazine. "It was to gather some of the world’s top mural artist to transform an industrial 2-mile long transit corridor in SoDo.”

On the music scene, nothing was bigger than the homecoming one of Seattle's best bands received.

"It's been a little while since Pearl Jam played a show here in Seattle and they wanted their two Seattle dates at Safeco to be impactful," said Elliott. They raised over 11 million dollars to combat homelessness. There were two shows, they sold out immediately and it was a really big cultural event for the city."

And like always, there's was always plenty on the table this year when it came to food.

“Seattle, year after year continues to grow and become this major national contender for food cities,” said Chelsea Lin, Dining & Lifestyle editor for Seattle Magazine. "One of the biggest stories was Edouardo Jordan. He just had a gangbuster crazy year. He won two James Beard awards for Best Chef Northwest and Best New Restaurant in the country for June Baby."

"Our cocktail scene has gotten really good this year. There's this trend towards these really beautiful bars. Deep Dive obviously from Renee Erickson’s in the Amazon spheres is a great example. The place is so gorgeous. It's like a little jewel box of weird quirky."

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