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New Seattle-based, super-natural haircare potions from Style Witch

The family story behind the spooky name. #k5evening

SEATTLE — She doesn't look like a witch but she does bottle potions in her kitchen.

Cara Weber owns a beauty salon in Fremont called The Style Witch.

And she's created a natural line of hair and body care products with the same name.

“The name just kind of came to me, The Style Witch. It's a place where you can get a natural product but you kind of have to seek it out,” she said, talking about her ‘speakeasy’ salon location, which is in an alley, off the beaten path in Fremont.

But don't let the wood nymph vibe of the logo scare you - the name was originally inspired by family:

“The name kind of came from my grandmother, who was a hilarious woman. When we were kids she would always say ‘Oh my God I look like a witch today!’, said Cara.

Motivation to create clean skin and hair care products also came from family - and an early loss.

"I lost my mom to non-genetic cancer in 2015 and so it's so important to be careful of what we put into our bodies and onto our bodies. Our skin is our largest organ it absorbs everything we put on it. It goes into the bloodstream,” said Cara. “So it was really important to create a natural line, a vegan line, a cruelty-free line and to make it as eco-friendly as possible."

Packaging product is also a family affair - sometimes husband Nicco and daughter Navy Diane - named for Cara's mom, Diane -  help out.

Credit: Anne Erickson for KING 5 Evening
Baby Navy Diane, husband Nicco and Style Witch creator/owner Cara Weber post bottling session in kitchen

"Oh I think my mom would be so happy for me I think she'd be proud,” said Cara as she put labels on her small-batch products.

Along with shampoo and conditioner, there's also lip balm, styling products, diaper balm, even pet shampoo.  Also - shampoo granules: powder that mixes with water you can use to wash anything from hands to hair to dishes. Perfect for travel, backpacking or camping. And all of it except for the lip balm is packaged in biodegradable 'wheat straw plastic'. 

“I love her products, I love the fact that they're vegan and so they're very clean,” said friend and product tester/fan Mandee Rae, who’s current obsession is Style Witch sea salt spray for adding texture. The products are made to be inclusive of all hair colors, types and textures, and the subtle scents like citrus and lavender/vanilla make it appeal to all genders.

This may not be witch's brew - but Cara says there is something magical about using hair care products she made herself: "It is a dream come true really. I've worked for many different salons in many different cities and with many different product lines and yeah, it's definitely a dream come true.”

Style Witch products are available on Amazon and at The Style Witch Salon 3418 B Fremont Ave. N. Seattle 98103.

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