SEATTLE — Take the sport of soccer, add giant inflatable plastic bubble suits, and subtract any traditional rules – BOOM, you’ve got Bubble Soccer!

The sport is a mash-up between soccer and zorbing. It started overseas and migrated to Western Washington a few years ago.

Seattle Bubble Soccer hosts 60-70 events a year, providing players with fields, bubbles, referees and score keeping.

Bubble soccer
Bubble soccer suits are inflatable plastic orbs that fit over a player's shoulders.

Owner Chris Calbero says the full-contact sport is fun and fairly safe, but temperatures rise quickly when players are encased in plastic.

"Probably your endurance will be at an all-time low,” he said. "We've had semi-professional players in (the bubbles) and they've lasted probably a total of ten minutes."

Bubble soccer matches are popular as corporate events because they’re a unique team-building activity.

Bubble soccer
Michael King and Kim Holcomb battle Saint Bryan and Jim Dever in a two-on-two bubble soccer match on the pitch at Magnuson Park.

With that in mind, Team Evening stepped onto the pitch in their own bubbles for a two-on-two battle. Watch to see how they fared!

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