SEATTLE — Week after week, Seahawk Tyler Lockett runs fearlessly for the end zone. Yet the wide receiver reveals he has a couple of phobias off the field that he's had to shake.

"I'm not a fan of heights," Lockett says. "I've done things with heights, though, like get on the Space Needle. I got on the suspension bridge in Vancouver, Canada. That one was probably the scariest one."

Also, not too thrilled with deep-bored tunnels.

"It's something I'd rather watch in a movie or a TV show," he jokes.

Lockett is signed with the Seahawks until at least 2021, but he can see the light at the end of that tunnel when it comes to eventually hanging up the cleats.

"Sometimes, there's days where I want to be a coach. Whether it's in high school, whether it's in college." Lockett says. And someday, maybe he'll find a career outside of the game. "Being in real estate. Going into interior designing and just being able to build homes."

In his current side gig, he's the spokesman for CenturyLink's BoostBox, a fan appreciation contest that gives 12's the chance to win game tickets and team merchandise.

"They get throwback apparel," Lockett says. "There will also be things in there that I've signed."

As one of the team's most enthusiastic on-field cheerleaders, Lockett always brings the party to the end zone with elaborate celebrations. One might even suspect he sometimes practices his moves in the mirror. True?

"I will practice at home sometimes," he admits. "But it just depends. If it's a group celebration, we've got to do it together."

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