Seahawk rookie Jacob Martin says his favorite childhood memories never ended well. He chatted with KING-TV's Michael King on "Evening's" long-running series "Hangin' with the Hawks."

Jacob: "We'd do stunts on bikes? Racin' down the hill, put rollerblades on and ride down the hill and try to jump off. That's like my favorite, all-time memory."

Michael: "Wait, wait, wait, you're on a bike, with the rollerblades on. Oh! I thought those were separate things!"

Jacob: "No, no. If we're gonna do it, we're gonna do it big."

Michael: "So you're on the bike and you jump off...the bike just goes wherever?!"

Jacob: "Yes, the goal is to finish the hill rollerblading."

Michael: "You don't do that anymore right?"

Jacob: "No. It never ended well."

We then find out a little more about Jacob's mom and dad with a game of "Which Would You Rather."

Michael: "Would you rather swim a lap in a pool with a shark...or place a tarantula on your head?"

Without hesitation, Jacob chooses the spider.

Jacob: "I've held tarantulas. My mom used to have weird stuff in her classroom."

Michael: "She's a teacher? What did she teach?"

Jacob: "Science. I think she had hissing cockroaches...she did have a tarantula...hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, turtles."

Jacob then tells us growing up he wanted to be an animal physiologist.

Jacob: "I wanted to be a vet, work with exotic animals, anything to do with animals. I was the kid who had all the zoo books."

Michael: "So do you have a favorite animal?"

Jacob: "I would say a koala."

He says he's never met one but would like to some day.

We also learned he practices martial arts with his brother, doesn't like honeydew and often carries three bags on the road.

Watch for Jacob Sunday in Detroit. He wears number 59.

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