At White Pass Winter Carnival, we found tomorrow's Olympic gold medalists racing on the kiddie slope, discovered a cool mountain hideaway called High Camp Lodge, and met an artist named Pat McVay who can turn a pile of snow into a hippie van.

We also found Sasquatch. At least we found a guy who looks a lot like Sasquatch.

“My name's Kerry Hargand, I've been up here for the last 18 to 20 years helpin' out White Pass with their children's winter carnival. I'm a chainsaw artist.”

Hargand, who lives in St. Helens, wanted to learn to work in ice as well as wood, so he started sculpting at White Pass, and he’s been back ever since. We found him working on a Bigfoot sculpture that looked a lot like him.

"A lot of people call me ‘Squatch, every time I carve one they're like ‘Oh – you’re doing another self-portrait!’” Hargand said.

This particular 'Squatch is pretty friendly. He’s also proof you never know what you’ll find at White Pass Winter Carnival.

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