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New SAM exhibit features an artist who brings portraits to life through finger painting

The show is at the Seattle Art Museum till Sept. 10. #K5evening

SEATTLE — Amoako Boafo's: Soul of Black Folks is the latest exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). 

SAM’s Educator for Digital Learning, Ramzy Lakos, told us more about the show: 

"We got to work closely with the artist himself who's really involved. And also, the guest curator of the exhibition, whose name is Larry Ossei-Mensah."

"We have over 30 larger-than-life portraits on view right now in this exhibition."

"His work has really been taking off in the art scene across the world right now."

"He specializes in portraiture, and specifically, he uses finger painting to paint the skin of his subjects. Boafo uses his fingers to paint his subjects because it grants him immediacy to the character and to his subject."

"It's very personal, I think to paint someone's skin using your fingers. And it also leaves a trace of the artist on the painting itself. And I think that's something he wants you to feel he wants you to feel like he's there, you know, in the gallery with you. And that's obvious to visitors. He's one of the few artists working particularly in that medium. And it's exciting because you get that real, personable, direct connection to his subjects."

Credit: KING 5 Evening
Ghana artist Amoako Boafo uses his fingers to paint his subjects.

"You'll see throughout the show, there's a lot of different what he calls characters. And sometimes these are celebrities, people you may know, recognize, you know, there's Jay Z in there, but also there are some figures from his personal life."

"For this show, we are the only venue on the tour to have an exhibition audio guide. that gives you direct access to the artist's voice as he walks you through. Like he's telling a story to a friend."

"It's important to recognize that the subjects in the show are all black from throughout the African diaspora. But there is a sense of universal humanity throughout the show."

Amoako Boafo's: Soul of Black Folks is at SAM till September 10th.

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