From outside you'd never know what's going on inside is heavenly.

"It takes your breath away to see these pieces here in the Tacoma Armory," says Mariesa Bus from Broadway Center for the Performing Arts.

The traveling show "Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition" brings the hand of God to the masses. 34 reproductions of art history hang above and around guests...frescoes the same size as the originals.

The entire ceiling of the famous chapel is represented. And you can get within a few feet, unlike in Rome.

"You'll be looking 60 feet up to see the frescoes. And they're on a curved ceiling. So they kinda look like postage stamps. And you only get about 15 to 20 minutes there," says Mariesa.

But at the exhibit in Tacoma, each session is 90 minutes and Noah and friends hang just 14 feet above. Your stroll is accompanied by classical music that adds to the ambience.

One visitor wanted to bring his sleeping bag.

"He just felt it was so peaceful and relaxing and beautiful to spend time here, that he asked if he could spend the night."

YOU may not want to live either.

"I just started to tell everybody I knew, you have to see this."

The show runs through October 14.

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