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Roam Beyond camp isn't a typical Washington Coast vacation

A new twist on a trailer park leaves no trace and gets people close to nature. #k5evening

KALALOCH, Wash. — Just a few miles outside Olympic National Park above a beach on Washington's coast, there's a trailer park...gone wild. 

"We set up the trailers in some serene areas, nestled back into the salal, nestled back into the woods,” explained Corey Weathers, one of the co-founders of Roam Beyond - trailer camping for folks who don't usually RV.

"Our goal was to create a new pathway where people can go and have an amazing experience in a Homegrown Trailer in a remote and off the grid location, but not have to tow it themselves, not have to own it, not have to maintain it, not have to store it, not have to go through all of that,” said Weathers.

Also, at the end of the season, the trailers are pulled out and it’s as if they were never there. Leave-no-trace glamping.

Homegrown Trailers are built in Kirkland, Weathers is the co-founder of that company also. These sustainably built vintage-looking wood trailers look like a PNW version of an Airstream.  They can also serve as a shelter in places where a cabin can’t be built.

"100% solar-powered, we run completely off the grid, we don't have to hook up to infrastructure,” said Weathers.

Each of the four trailers at the Roam Beyond camp has a bed, a kitchenette with a stovetop and a sink, and a bathroom. Cozy creature comforts, but the people who stay in this spot don't spend a lot of time inside.

"Having a nature-based experience where you are totally immersed in a natural environment, I think does something to our bodies, to our minds, to our souls, and allows people to truly decompress," said Weathers.

At this camp, there's a communal outdoor kitchen with fire-cooked meals and an ocean view. Visitors almost always come away with new friends. But Roam Beyond isn't content to just offer up a cool place to stay. This company is a member of the Transformational Travel Council; a group that advocates for and offers travel that takes people beyond ‘vacation’.

"The idea of transformational travel is we're not just going to have an experience and go back to our life, but we're going to have an experience that can help us transform who we are and how we interact with the world,” explained Weathers.

Credit: KING5 Evening
Roam Beyond coastal camp's outdoor kitchen

A night spent in a cozy trailer among the spruce trees above the crashing waves on Washington's wild coast could change anyone for the better.

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