PUYALLUP, Wash. — Flanagan's Craft Pub, home of the light-up LED menu, is known for innovation.

But nothing says "next-generation" like the Bloody Mary Supreme, a drink so special that it's only served on Sundays by 24-hour reservation.

It all starts with a full pitcher of fresh tomato goodness.

"It's made from scratch," owner Karl Ashmore said. "I can't give you the actual ingredients. It's a bit of a secret."

Atop a whole chicken, a large tray of hearty food is added to the mix. Layer upon layer of sandwiches, buffered by bacon.

"Can't go wrong with bacon," Ashmore said. "Bacon's amazing."

The tower of food is encircled by a wall of freshly baked pretzels.

If this 40-dollar, 4-foot gastronomical gargantuan isn't the biggest Bloody Mary around, Ashmore wants to know about it.

Of course, inventing greatness didn't come easy.

"We built it 4 or 5 times, and it fell over," Ashmore laughed.

But now, the Bloody Mary Supreme towers over Flanagan's. A proud testament to a man and his team reaching for the top.

"I'm always a man with a dream," Asmore said. "Bigger and better, I always say."

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