We know Jon Ryan can punt. But can he pitch? Can he ever!

The longtime Seahawk let Evening join him behind the scenes as he filmed the latest version of his tv ads for Tekline Roofing.

He says, no, this isn't the beginning of his path to Hollywood.

"All the stuff I got to do outside of football is stuff that's not going to last very long," said Ryan. "In a few year, that's all going to be gone. So I just have fun with it and I just like doing it."

Jon's TV "coach", Michael Keenan, says Jon's the perfect pitchman.

"He's really part of Seattle now," said Keenan. "Starting out with the long, red hair and moving to where he is, he's one of the longest tenured on the team. I think people just, they trust him."

Jon's wife, comedian Sarah Colonna, could offer performance tips, but she doesn't.

"She kind of just lets me do my own thing, y'know? Even a couple months ago, we had a standup show at the Triple Door," said Ryan, "and I did about ten minutes before her and she gave me no advice. And I didn't even practice on her. She just said go ahead and just do it, 'because I want to be surprised too.'"

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